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Axalp Technologies AG

Louis-Giroud-Str 26
4600 Olten

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By train:

Leave the east side of the train station (away from the river).  There is a Dunkin Donuts now at that end of the station.  As you exit the train station, keep going straight ahead.  At a small curve in the road, you will see in front of you a modern Fachhochschule NWSchweiz building.  Veer slightly left and then right around that building and continue south on Von Rollstrasse.  That will curve left and turn into Riggenbachstrasse.  As the road curves, you will see glass-walled "Fusio" restaurant and a Coop store.  The next building past that is the end of the Sälipark shopping center, with a Migros store and Arte Hotel.  Turn right on Louis-Giroud-Str, which is for pedestrians only and runs next to the Sälipark building.  There is an “M Do-It” store on the left.  Continue down this pedestrian street until you pass under an elevated crossway between the two buildings.  Immediately on your right is a glass door into the building, near the elevators.  Take the elevator to the 3 O.G. (3rd floor).  Exiting the elevator, turn left and proceed across the elevated passway.  There are signs along the way to guide you.             

By car:  

You will be entering Olten on the main road from the Autobahn, most likely.  After reaching Olten, leave the main road at the first traffic circle (near a tire store), turning right.  (You will see signs for “Sälipark” shopping center.) 

[If you are coming from Olten itself, or from the north, be sure that your navigation does not try to lead you down Louis-Giroud-Strasse for the last 200 meters to our location.  This is a pedestrian-only zone.  Instead, find your way to the traffic circle mentioned above, which is adjacent to the bridge across the river.]

After you have departed the main road, you will pass under the railroad tracks and then see a driveway to the left, marked for the Saelipark shopping center parking.  Turn left into this driveway and follow it as it bends slightly right and brings you into the parking garage.  We recommend driving straight forward after entering the garage, and park in the general area of the far corner of the garage, in front of you after you enter the ticket gate.  Pass through two successive glass doors (not the sliding doors) to the nearest elevators. (Axalp Technologies should be marked on the doors.)

Take the elevator to the 3 O.G. (3rd floor).  Exiting the elevator, turn left and proceed across the elevated passway.  There are signs along the way to guide you.