With experience on both electric and hybrid powertrains, Axalp Technologies can design full powertrain systems or selected components that are best suited to our customer's needs.

Powertrain architecture

Architecture Design

Our expertise includes:

  • ​Architectural trades

  • Battery system design

  • Battery management computers

  • Electric and Hybrid DC power systems design

  • Selection and integration of generators and electric machines

  • ​AC/DC power conversion, DC/DC converters

  • Power management and protection

  • Safety architectures for power and propulsion systems 


Thermal Management

Thermal management is one of the key challenges in electric propulsion. We understand the limitations and options and provide: 

  • Heat exchanger design and dimensioning

  • First order thermal analysis

  • Thermal testing

Building and validation

Development and Testing

As a system developer we can provide: 

  • Copper-bird design and build

  • Battery testing

  • Thrust testing

  • Torque measurements

  • Efficiency analysis & testing

Fixed and Variable Pitch Propellers and Rotors

Propellers and Hub Systems

Axalp's fixed-pitch and variable-pitch (constant speed) hub system provide an all-inclusive package that is weight-optimized and tuned for performance. The system can be adapted to a wide range of motor applications and operational requirements.

Ducted fans for eVTOL aircraft

Ducted Fans

Our team has experience in aerodynamic and structural design of ducted fans. Ducted fans can offer advantages such as:

  • increased aerodynamic efficiency

  • noise reduction

  • blade containment (safety)