Testing is essential in any system development. Testing can serve as means to validate numerical models, as means to show compliance with requirements, to characterize physical properties, and to validate assumptions.

Structures Testing

Load Testing

Load testing of structures and systems is essential to ensure the designed system matches strength and stiffness requirements and assumptions. 

  • Defining load test cases

  • Designing and planning test setup

  • Test execution 

  • Post-processing and documentation

Structures Testing

Vibration Testing

Ground Vibration Testing (GVT): Determination of airframe normal frequencies, mode shapes and damping; Validation of numerical models

Structural Mode Interaction (SMI) Testing: Validation of flight control filters that avoid unstable coupling of airframe modes (flight control stability)

Our team can lead efforts in:

  • Test planning

  • Test execution 

  • Data post-processing

Other Testing

Systems Testing

Axalp Technologies has expertise and capabilities in aircraft systems testing, including:

  • Hydraulics testing

  • Landing gear testing

  • Propeller testing

  • Battery testing

  • Thermal / Fire testing

  • Electric Motor testing

  • Rotating machinery vibration testing

Other Testing

Flight Testing

  • Defining flight test instrumentation concept

  • Integration of flight termination systems

  • Strain and acceleration data post processing (shock and vibrations)

  • Flight test planning

  • Documentation and application for special use flight permits

  • Execution of flight tests

  • Evaluation of flight test data for control algorithm refinement and simulation validation