Flight physical modelling and simulations are valuable tools thorough the development process: 

They provide performance data to validate the mission requirements. They are used to determine vehicle natural stability and dynamic effects. And they are essential to the design and tuning of control loops. 

Flight Physics

Aerodynamic Modelling

Accurate numerical modelling of aircraft performance and dynamics is essential for the success of every development.

  • Basic modelling with first principle formulas

  • Advanced modelling using full time-based simulation (6 DoF + Flex Modes)

  • Identification of stability derivatives

  • System Identification 

  • Aerodynamic Database development from CFD data

  • CFD Tools: StarCCM+, FlightStream, OpenFoam

Design and validation tool


Developed aircraft dynamic models can then be incorporated into off-line or real-time simulations, with or without a pilot or operator in the loop. 

  • Evaluate control system performance

  • Investigate control system loads

  • Evaluate pilot workload

  • Initial assessment of performance and certification requirements

Functional benefits of simulation

Proceed with certainty

With Axalp’s simulation tools, flight and performance characteristics become apparent in an early stage. We use our customer flight simulations as design tools to validate assumptions and models. Our clients value this service for the following reasons:

  • Performance validation

  • Flight characteristics identification

  • Identification of possible design flaws

  • Valuable risk reduction investment

Value proposition

Convince clients and investors

Our simulation tool has proven to be an excellent method to engage and impress clients and investors. Have them fly and feel the aircraft or UAV, giving them a first-hand perspective.

  • Experience a fully visualized aircraft and cockpit

  • Test and feel the dynamics and performance of the vehicle

  • Fly through high-definition scenery of X-Plane or MS 2020