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Full prototype development, from concept to first flight, driven by Axalp Technologies

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Our team at Axalp Technologies has years of experience in the design and development of “unconventional aircraft,” including drones of different types and sizes, electric and hybrid aircraft, and electric vertical takeoff (eVTOL) aircraft.  Our capabilities span the entire design cycle, from very early concept design and feasibility studies, to preliminary and detailed design, up to production-ready drawings and methods. 


Axalp Technologies has experience in a wide range of composite manufacturing methods and techniques, in addition to metal structures and supporting components.  Working with our fabrication partners and in-house capabilities, we produce aircraft structures and aircraft sub-systems from propeller blades up to major airframe assemblies. Additionally, we have hands-on experience designing and integrating aircraft systems, including avionics & controls, propulsion, and electrical power & batteries. 


The ultimate goal of aeronautical projects is to make a successful flying machine.  At Axalp Technologies, we have experience in flight testing vehicles from 25 kg up to 1800 kg.  Leading to that, our team has extensive capabilities in subsystems testing, structural load testing, and ground testing, including test instrumentation and test planning.

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