Learn more about our amazing team of passionate engineers and support staff!

Axalp Technologies AG is a Swiss-based company bringing interdisciplinary engineering services and engineering project execution to partner companies.  

Formed in 2020, the Axalp team builds on our previous years of successful work together on fast-paced engineering development programs for unconventional aircraft. Axalp’s performance leverages the benefit of having an existing, efficient, and integrated team working on your project needs.

With a background heavily rooted in -  but not restricted to - aerospace systems, we offer a broad set of engineering skills and tools to tackle any complex engineering system. 
Axalp Technologies can be your partner to guide your project or product from a blank sheet of paper to a fully-functional prototype, and onwards to a product ready for the market.  Our experienced team will bring your prototype to life with efficiency and precision, ranging from sub-scale concept models, to technology demonstrators, to production-ready prototypes. 

How We Work

Exploring the design space

Certain ideas need to be explored to find their full potential. We are seasoned at finding, developing, and evaluating concepts with you or for you, particularly for structures, mechanical, or aerodynamics challenges.  We are experienced and passionate about solving technical challenges in unchartered spaces.

System Level Thinking

We are used to system-level thinking and finding optimal solutions in big design spaces.

We design with manufacturing and integration in mind.  Where needed, our engineers can take care of the entire process – ensuring a high standard of quality and efficiency.

Added Value

Focused and efficient team

We are a deliberately small, technically-focused business specialized in rapid developments. This allows us to act nimbly with minimal administrative and overhead burdens.  We can apply Swiss efficiency to quickly produce prototypes and other systems.

Founders and Board Members

Adrian Hachen

Engineer & Board Member

Amir Kalaoun

BD Director & Board Member

Dominik Dusek

Engineer & Board Member

Tim Dawson-Townsend

CEO & Board Member

Max Rotunno

Engineer & Board Member

Frederick Tischhauser

Engineer & Board Member